October 20, 2015

Transportation Access Program

What is TAP (Transportation Access Program)?

TAP offers short-term transportation assistance to qualifying agencies and the people they serve in Western Riverside County. TAP is sponsored by Community Connect in collaboration with the Riverside County Transportation Commission.

How does TAP work?

TAP assists agencies with the transportation needs of their clients by providing free bus tickets to agencies for distribution to clients for urgent or emergency use and information on available transportation. Nonprofit organizations, churches, schools and government agencies may call TAP at (951) 686-4402 to qualify for assistance by phone.

Who uses TAP?

Qualifying agencies utilize the bus tickets provided by TAP to help their clients in need of transportation assistance. Many individuals who receive tickets have no other way to get to a job interview, buy groceries and transport them home, or visit a doctor’s office. TAP’s transportation assistance allows them independence and freedom in their daily lives.

How can I support TAP?

Donations – Donations TAP relies on funding from grants and the generous contributions from individuals. Consider supporting the transportation needs of individuals in Western Riverside County with a donation today

Additional Statistics

Last year, TAP distributed 79,384 bus tickets to individuals who had no other form of transportation.