November 23, 2019

For Service Providers

The 211 Riverside County Resource Database  consists of non-profit and governmental agencies that provide a health or human service programs throughout Riverside County. Agencies that apply for their programs to be listed in this database must meet the criteria of the Inclusion/Exclusion policy as well as agree and comply with the following.

Agencies who join the database agree to keep 211 Riverside County informed of service changes (e.g. services provided, contact information, intake procedures, and eligibility requirements). An annual request for information review and update will be sent to each agency’s administrative contact. A completed annual review and update is a requirement for continued database membership.

211 Riverside County by Community Connect holds editorial rights to submitted information for style and standardization. Submitted information is used for the purpose of informing the public of community resources. Information is utilized by 211 Community Resource Specialists and may be shared through printed directories, resource listings, and online databases.

STEP ONE: Read our Inclusion Policy to find out if you are eligible to be listed in our database.


The purpose of the database inclusion/exclusion policy is to ensure that the agencies that are listed represent and support the needs for clients served in Riverside County, CA. 211 Riverside County, operated by Community Connect, adheres to the accreditation standards of the Alliance of Information & Referral Systems (AIRS) which require that the inclusion/exclusion policy to be uniform, fairly applied, and published online so that 211 staff and the general public are aware of the scope and limitations of the database. 211 Riverside County strives to meet the needs of the community. The inclusion criteria addresses the human service needs of all groups in the community; including government, non-profit and relevant for-profit organizations, and may include support groups that are not incorporated as organizations.

STEP TWO: Add or Update your information.

Already have a username or password? Login and update.

STEP THREE: Add a 211 icon and Link to your website

When you add the 211 Riverside County link to your website, you are connecting people to expert, caring help — No matter the situation, the specialists at 211 listen, identify underlying problems, and connect people in need with resources and services in their community that improve their lives.

211 Riverside County is available 24/7/365. Services are free, confidential, and multilingual.

It is easy to link to 211 Riverside County. Simply copy the code next to the image, then paste it into your website or blog. That’s it!

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211 Riverside County can help your agency in a variety of ways…

211 can pre-screen

To ensure that agencies are using their resources wisely; we refer only those who meet your agency’s eligibility guidelines.

211 can promote programs

To target audiences to increase outreach and program participation. You have access to our agency phone line giving priority access to our Client Service Representatives.

211 can save time

211 is a resource for your staff. We are a free, 24-hour time-saving tool for social workers, doctors, nurses, and government officials and more.

211 can field the first call

211 serves as the first point of contact to other organizations and can alleviate administrative burden and reduce cost associated with managing information and referrals allowing affiliated organizations to focus on serving clients, rather than finding clients.