November 2, 2019


The CalFresh/SNAP Assistance Program (previously known as food stamps) provides low-income households with electronic benefits they can use at most grocery stores to ensure they are able to provide a healthy diet for themselves and their family. 

CalFresh/SNAP benefits can be used to stretch a family’s monthly food budget to ensure:

  • Enough food for the entire family
  • A diet of healthy foods
  • Access to fruits and vegetables throughout the year

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CalFresh/SNAP benefits are made available through an electronic benefit transfer (EBT) which is very similar to a regular bank account debit card. Through the use of a card and personal identification number (PIN), the account can be accessed to purchase eligible food items at any retail outlet that displays the EBT logo. In Riverside County, CalFresh/SNAP benefits are generally made available in the EBT account before the 11th of each month.

CalFresh/SNAP customers use the EBT card at the grocery store cash register or, it can also be used at many Farmers’ Markets to buy food.  In most cases the card is used like a regular bank ATM card. The amount of the food purchase is automatically deducted from the CalFresh/SNAP EBT account.

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