September 28, 2015

Alternative Sentencing Program

What is Alternative Sentencing Program (ASP)?

Community Connect features several life-altering programs that help both youth and adults by providing opportunities to give back to the community and self-redirection.

A.W.A.R.E is an early redirection education program for both the youth and their parents. Educating on the consequences in making negative choices that lead to decisions to violate the law and the effects on the family, community and themselves. Young offenders that benefit from this program have, for example, exhibited issues involving theft, graffiti and fighting.
T.E.M.P.O. is a drug and alcohol early Intervention program that exposes youth to the legal, financial and emotional consequences of substance abuse. Young offenders that benefit from this program have, for example, been involved in illegal drug possession, 1st time DUI and/or under the influence of narcotics.
Community Service
Commmunity Service allows for opportunities for adult applicants to pay back the community for oenses in lieu of incarceration. Allowing for employment stability and continued family interaction. Tax-payer dollars are saved by eliminating confinement expenses.
Youth Connect
Youth Connect is an intervention program gearing at-risk youth to more promising futures. It educates participants with job skills and includes mentors and development courses to gear participants for a more successful life.

ASP and Community Connect

The Alternative Sentencing Program has been part of Connect Connect since 1978. When clients are sentenced in Court to complete Community Service, Domestic Violence Counseling, or Anger Management, the clients are referred to ASP. ASP staff places the clients in community service positions in the community or counseling classes, monitors their attendance, and reports back to the Courts.

Tax payers benefit from the ASP Program because the high cost of incarceration is avoided. The local court system benefits from ASP because it’s a viable alternative to fines or incarceration, local community members benefit because it allows them to fulfill legal commitments while giving back to the community, and local nonprofit organizations benefit from the hours of service participants provide.

Who uses the Alternative Sentencing Program?

Court ordered clients use the ASP Program although people may self-enroll into any of the programs. Parents who are concerned that their teen is exhibiting risky behavior are encouraged to enroll their teen into one of the ASP programs offered for teens

What are the benefits of using ASP for court-referred community service?

By utilizing the Alternative Sentencing Program (ASP) our court referred clients are ensured safe, monitored and pre-approved community service locations and assisting agencies.

Clients have complete and certified documentation of community service which is forwarded directly to the court and Probation Department. Additionally, Community Connect Case Workers will assist clients by explaining fee payment. Fee payments can be made by money order and credit/debit card.

What alcohol and drug programs does Alternative Sentencing provide for teens?

ASP provides alcohol and drug programs for adults and teens for intervention and diversion.

  • HAMM (Hospital and Morgue Mentoring) – Adults 20 years and older
  • TEMPO (Teen Education Mentoring Program) – Teens 13-19 years old
  • VIP (Victim Impact Panel)
  • YOUTH CONNECT: Community Service teaching job search skills

Community Service

  • Court Order (adult or juvenile)
  • In lieu of Counseling Center fees
  • Out of county, state transfers
  • Monitoring Services

Referral Based

  • Domestic Violence Classes
  • Anger Management
  • Child Batterers/Parenting
  • Alcohol and drug classes
  • Out of county and state placement and transfers

Please Note: ASP Office hours are: Monday-Friday


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