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About Community Connect

Our mission is to connect people to vital resources that help achieve their path to a greater quality of life. Since 1966.
Want to Get Involved?

Community Connect has many opportunities for you to be a hero in your community. We have volunteer opportunities at several of our programs like 211 Riverside County, HELPline Suicide Prevention Hotline, Get involved and become a hero for your community.

Looking for Help?

Community Connect assists thousands of men, women and children each month through the vast array of services available throughout Riverside County. Call 2-1-1 today to be connected with a call specialist, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week that can help you get the resources like housing assistance, utility assistance, transportation, veteran services, community service, professional development and more.

Are You a Nonprofit?

Are you a nonprofit and your agency and programs are not currently listed in our database? Have you updated your profile and programs this year? Our resource directory has over 1,500 resources throughout the county. Please update or add your agency today!

211 Report

Although helping people in need is the greatest goal and strength of 211 Riverside, 211 Riverside offers much more to the community. Through its collection of data, 211 Riverside is a resource for those of us involved in meeting social service needs in our community. This report identifies the greatest areas of need in each location in our County, who is in need,

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